YDP In the Know: Mike Posner

25 Oct

No longer looks like he's in a frat...

White rappers, black presidents – until Eminem and Obama arrived, nobody believed either was possible in any meaningful way.  While we have to wait at least a presidential term to see if Barack’s broken the ice, Mike Posner might be making it clear that the racial barriers are crumbling across music far more quickly than they are in politics.

A senior at Duke University, Posner is a Michigan native who’s been making beats since his early teens.  He’s living the dream; a student by day, he tours on the weekends.  When his music was brought to my attention, the first thing I did was look to see which college campus I could see him at this weekend – but recently he’s been back in the midwest and upstate New York hitting up colleges like Syracuse, with bigtime ACC spots like Maryland on his upcoming schedule.

At any rate, the guy definitely deserves a listen.

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Here’s the Mixtape that was available for download on iTunes until recently – now that he’s been signed and has an album coming out, look for something more refined to hit the streets.

Head of the Class

Head of the Class

Mike Posner Mixtape – “A Matter of Time

[props to Harris for fuxing wit’ this]

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