Seeing The Bravery was “An Honest Mistake”

16 Oct

Hey All,

This is a guest post from a good friend, Jø$h. He went to The Bravery concert down in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday night. This is what he had to say about it:

i'm blue da ba dee...

i'm blue da ba dee...

It was “An Honest Mistake”…

Wednesday night (10/14) I had the pleasure of seeing The Bravery live in concert.  Now, I know Charlotte, North Carolina is not known for it’s music scene or concert venues, but nonetheless, many medium size acts like The Bravery stop by every now and then.

Over the past five years, I’ve been to over 60 shows and seen well over 100 live acts, and I gotta say this one falls into the orgasm inducing “Awful, I want my money back” category.  Now, I understand that playing an only half-sold out show on a Wednesday night in the Queen City, after a miserably bleak rain-soaked day may not be enticing, but for small to medium-sized acts such as The Bravery, that’s an opportunity that must be capitalized on.

Before the show ever started, I checked out the merchandise table to see how much CDs were, but they didn’t have any; what they did have were t-shirts for $20 and “after show passes” for $10.  Strike 1.  For still up-and-coming acts, connecting with your fans is essential.  Stopping by the merchandise table after the show to sign CDs [for free] is a common occurrence.  Especially when we’re in tough economic times and people may not have to finances to come out to a Wednesday night show, but still do.  I understand the band needs to make money, but $10 just to meet the band?  That’s pretty lame.

Now, the opening act, The Dustys, were alright, not too bad.  They had some good chords and decent synth grooves, kind of a garage-psychedelic feel.  For an opening act, they were a solid choice.  Now, after they went off the stage, a promoter from a local radio station came out to inform us that the middle act,Living Things, had been victims of crime the night before: their equipment had been stolen, so they did not make the trip.  That’s unfortunate, but because of that, The Bravery said they’re come out early and play a longer set.

Can you still see my hat?

Can you still see my hat?

So around 10:10, The Bravery comes out to begin playing, kind of early, but it’s going to be an extra long set, right?  So it’s no worries, or so I thought.  After playing several unenthusiastic renditions of some of their songs, they went off the stage at 11:00 waiting to be cheered back on for an encore.  Strike 2.

Now, I’ve seen Ben Harper get into a groove with the crowd and play over two and a half hours, and also get bad vibes and only play an hour and a half—I understand that crowd interaction is important.  But only playing 50 minutes and expecting an encore?  That’s bold for anyone, especially a band that needs as much support as they can get.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show were the headliner played less than an hour and a half.  Well, that was until last night.  After a three-minute pause, The Bravery returned to the stage for their encore and played for another 10 minutes.  At 11:13, the concert was over.  That’s 63 minutes from when they first started playing, including a three-minute jaunt backstage.  A headlining act that played for almost exactly 60 minutes, that’s Strike 3.

In these tough economic times, it’s hard for everyone—the fans, the concert venues, the bands, etc.  But playing only an hour set when you’re only a medium-sized act is pathetic.  Eric Clapton could do that and his fans would still love him, Bruce Springsteen too.  But I doubt they ever would.  They know how much it means to their fans.  So if there is anything I take away from last night, it’s that The Bravery either doesn’t care about their dedicated fans, or they think they’re better than they really are.  Either way, last night was a disappointment.  And in my thoughts: Awful, I want my money back.  D+.

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One Response to “Seeing The Bravery was “An Honest Mistake””

  1. Temesia November 8, 2009 at 10:08 PM #

    The CD doesn’t drop until Dec. 1st; that’s why there weren’t any at the merch table. And the $10 for the meet and greet pass? Was also a preorder for said CD.

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