Why I Love Karen O: A response to “Why I hate Karen O”

13 Oct

Dear Karen O,

I don’t know you at all but I’d like to state something as fact; we love you (I mean that in the sense of the royal we, I can’t speak for anyone else). My opinion probably carries no weight in your mind whatsoever, and that really cuts to the core of why I love you so much. For me, it’s nothing to do with attractiveness, talent, or fashion; it’s the whole package wrapped around your live and let die attitude (Clearly it doesn’t hurt that you make great music). But that’s why I love you.

Now, it came to my attention several days ago that one of my colleagues (BigDaddyB) posted an article on this website entitled, “Why I Hate Karen O.” You know i’m not one to step in and respond to another article on my own site, but I felt that the way it was presented, his article was rather confusing. I’ll sum it up for you in a couple of lines:

Karen O is half asian, and therefore inherently awesome. I am jealous.

BigDaddyB's dreams of being as cool as youUnfortunately jealousy stems from insecurity and fear of the unknown. While a little sad, it’s completely understandable. His posting is oozing with jealousy, you can find it here. When you break it down, the post is really just about how awesome half asians are. I agree with him, they’re awesome. You see Karen, not only does BigDaddyB think your work is fantastic, it seems like he wishes he was half-asian too.  I concur wholeheartedly. Look, this is what it says on Urban Dictionary about hapas:

One of the most amazing races to ever grace this planet. Scientifically proven to live longer, and most are very successful. Take any area: the best in the class will always include a few Half Asians. Less than 1% of the population in America is Half Asian, and a number MUCH higher than 1% fills people who are top notch at what they do i.e. celebrities, sports stars, great minds, etc.

We really can’t blame him. This is why I’m reaching out to you, to clear up any and all confusion that could come from this unfortunate mixup. I know his title seems remarkably misleading and I could see how someone would be confused about his actual intentions. So why would he even do it? I chalk it up to hipster irony. What a douche.



P.S. Say hi to the guys for me, i’m loving the music.

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One Response to “Why I Love Karen O: A response to “Why I hate Karen O””

  1. bigdaddyb October 13, 2009 at 6:22 PM #

    More like, there can be only one-half.

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