Dance ‘n Trance

11 Oct

I’ve experienced a recent decrease in my YDP posting schedule (directly proportional to the increase in times I’ve felt hungover the past week). How does one overcome this? What’s the prescription?  For me, it’s more music.  I hit the clubs in search of inspiration – eschewing the latest Top 40 for something more, something deeper, something meaningful.  What could bring me out of the depths of my party fatigue?

What would Garth do?

What would Garth do?

Partying like a Russian.  Yep, that’s right.  Shots of vodka, hitting the club with my bros in our black maximas, wearing sunglasses inside and listening to throbbing trance music until the sun comes up.

Underworld really typifies this kind of music for me.  I know the weekend is wrapping up and you’re probably all licking your wounds, but I’d encourage you to throw some of these tracks on and power through. Sunday is the new Saturday.  Party on, dudes.

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