Eye of the Chromeo

24 Sep

nice legs

nice legs

Where art thou Chromeo?

If you don’t know them already, Chromeo is a fantastic electropop duo that has been rocking the neo-80s sound for the better part of the last decade. Clearly they’re not alone, but as a part of this 80s revival dig, they’re doing a damn good job. They have two albums out; She’s in control (2004) and Fancy Footwork (2007) with the latter being a much stronger expression of their pop sensibilities. Probably best known for their songs “Momma’s Boy,” or “Needy Girl,” they write in a catchy first time listen and like style that’s widely appreciated.

What do they sound like?

Well, Chromeo has always been described to me as electrofunk. Now, I’m not disagreeing with the label completely, but I view them more as a synthpop group with elements of electrofunk in some of their more dance friendly tunes. The reason I make this distinction is due to the fact that most of the source material that inspires Chromeo isn’t really electrofunk at all; it’s actually the complete opposite. You see Chromeo sometimes uses that modern electrofunk sound as a backbone similar to other modern groups (think LCD Soundsystem*), but I’m really not convinced that’s the source of their inspiration. No, they draw from a much broader range of popular music and I think it’s more accurate to say that they’re more grounded in the 80’s New Wave. You can hear elements of songs from acts like The Cars, Yazoo, Survivor, and Corey Hart in Chromeo’s music.

*I’m not saying LCD Soundsystem is exclusively electrofunk, but they’re a pretty well known example

Why is it important to know what sound a group/artist is shooting for before you listen to them? I.E. Dude, why should I care?

I guess you shouldn’t let it affect whether or not you like them, but I generally think it’s important to know where a band’s sound comes from before you can truly reflect on the music they’re making (I personally reflect on their music in between bouts of furious dancing under neon lights).  I say this now because, in my opinion, Chromeo is a great example of a band that’s more enjoyable once you understand what they’re aiming for. They’re aiming to get into your head and stay there, and we’re all happier because of it. These guys can write a catchy tune.

But I digress…

The real reason i’m writing this whole article is because my friend who’s up in Baltimore all by his lonesome and planning on taking over the world…sent me Chromeo’s new single releasing on Mountain Dew’s label. Yes. It’s about time Mountain Dew made a recording label. The song is called “Night by Night.” I like it. I’ve included a couple of links to various things…HypeMachine, MegaUpload, and the Mountain Dew label site.

So go listen and keep on making me dance Chromeo. keep on making me dance.

Hype Machine


Buy the song here.  Listen to Chromeo, support Mountain Dew. Live life to the limits. Oh and if you’re feeling up to it, take a listen to this, and then listen to Survivor. Rock.

My friends suck, we never walk down the strip to an abandoned warehouse to jam.

Is it just me or does the synth guy’s shirt get more colorful

as the video moves forward…

that's a ton of chest hair for an asian man, I would know.

that's a ton of chest hair for an asian man, I would know.

Oh, and if you’d like to enjoy it, here are a few tracks from Chromeo presented by Mark Dacascos. What, you don’t know who Mark Dacascos is? He’s kind of a big deal. He’s on Dancing with the Stars now but more importantly he kind of played the Chairman on Iron Chef America; yeah he’s a badass. I hear he could cook better than all the contestants if he wanted to. But that’s beside the point, the MOST Important detail of all is that he was he was in this little movie that came out about 8 years ago called Brotherhood of the Wolf. It was an awesome movie. You can probably find it under Le Pacte des Loups. Do it now. Stop reading.

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