microKORG XL first impression

17 Sep

I really want this guy to be my friend.

So what’s he so excited about? Only the spiritual successor to one of the most widely used synth/vocorders out there (that and he just seems to be that kind of guy…which is awesome). Don’t believe me? Ask LCD Soundsystem, The Killers, The Handsome Furs, Soulwax, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Royksopp, Justice, Chromeo, The Crystal Castles…you get the idea.  They all used the microKorg in recording/live sets/battling dragons.

So, the microKORG has been around for about 7 years and the XL launched this spring rocking some very chic neo-vintage styling. I love that description by the way. More stuff needs to fit a neo-vintage design standard. I am calling to design people everywhere, give me more neo-vintage! Anyway, the new microKORG is getting rave reviews and with the $500 dollar pricetag it’s not horribly overpriced, but there are cheaper options no doubt.

Hmmm, impulse buy? Maybe.

Go listen to some Handsome Furs…right…now.


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