A Beautiful Mine Drives Me Mad

17 Sep

So I was watching Mad Men tonight (until it rolled on last year’s Emmys, TV’s most underrated drama…now I think that’s Rescue Me), loving its coolness.  That shit oozes cool and style and everything else Yuppies wish they had.  Then I remembered that RJD2 wrote the theme song–then I remembered that I have an album with the instrumental, and then I remembered that the rapper Acelyone did an album with RJD2–where he rapped over all those instrumentals.

Damn.  That was a mouthful.  Point is, the song is dope, and you should all take a listen to the albums-both versions of them!  Check out these stylin’ opening credits.  Almost makes me wish I lived in the 60s.  But I couldn’t very well blog about shit then, could I?

Also watch the show; here’s a taste.  It’s always this philosophical.

And the tracks…

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