Lions – Girl from the North Country

9 Sep

Caliifornia's Finest

Caliifornia's Finest

So last night, one of my favorite shows returned to the airwaves, as Sons of Anarchy‘s season two premiered.  The show is a re-imagining of the classic Shakespeare tale Hamlet, lifted from the Scottish highlands and dropped in the Motorcycle Clubs of California’s Central Valley.  The show centers around an eponymous biker gang, who mainly runs drugs out of their small town called Charming (don’t worry, the irony isn’t even lost on the characters).  It was described best to me by my father, who called “good, but raw.”

Today’s music comes from the final scenes of the season two premiere, in arguably the most raw moments of the episode (and bear in mind that preceding this an innocent man is brutally murdered, a man whose wife was murdered is lied to, and a confirmed killer walks free out of a prison).  The soothing tones of this Bob Dylan tune, covered by The Lions, a band from Austin, Texas, settle over the graphic violence.

I hope that starts your day off right!


One Response to “Lions – Girl from the North Country”

  1. tksama September 9, 2009 at 12:45 PM #

    I like.

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