The 11 days of Jay-Z: Brooklyn keeps it moving

2 Sep

Nice jacket

Nice jacket

When Blueprint 3 releases on September 11, it will be the eleventh studio release from Jay-Z in just over thirteen years. We decided now would be a perfect time to look back on the career of one Mr. Shawn Carter. 1 new day, 1 new album, and a little bit of background. A walk down memory lane through the voice of one of the greatest rappers alive.

September 2, 2009

No fluke, no kidding

In My Lifetime, Vol. 1: 1997

Jay-Z’s highly anticipated follow-up to Reasonable Doubt was released in the fall of 1997. In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 split critic’s opinions but was well received by the fans (apparent in its Gold, and finally Platinum status). But the album always seemed a little confused, as if it didnt understand where it should be. The lyrical content was consistent with the first album, but the hooks and sound of the tracks varied greatly. Jay-Z himself has publicly expressed his unhappiness with how the album turned out.

“What I did with ‘[In My Lifetime] Volume One’ was I tried to make records. I had just made ‘Reasonable Doubt’ … it wasn’t successful in music industry terms. It was a cult classic on the streets, but it wasn’t successful in the music business and I tried to blend the two. If you look back on ‘In My Lifetime,’ there were songs on there that were brilliant. I don’t listen to that album because I think I messed it up.”

The sign of a meticulous artist. On the one that got away.

“You got ‘Where I’m From,’ ‘Streets Is Watching,’ ‘You Must Love Me,’ and ‘Lucky Me.’ It’s so many incredible records on there that I think I missed having two classics in a row [by] trying to get on the radio. It really hurt me because that album was so good; I can’t listen to it. When that record comes on it just irks me. I don’t have any regrets but musically, the album [is] the one that got away.”

It’s still a great rap album. Definitely not the best of 1997, but still a very solid showing.

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