YDP in the know: YACHT, not Yacht

26 Aug

Do you know who Jona Bechtolt is? I do. Sucker.

I first learned about him back in 2006 when he was all up in The Blow, a stripped down electro pop duo with Mikhaela Yvonne Maricich. She still uses the moniker. I actually copped their gangsta tunes back in 2007 on ‘Paper Television,’ no joke, it’s a fantastic album. Back in the day I tried to get my hands on a their 7″ single Parentheses but I still don’t own it. Sad Face.

I’m just kidding you silly goose, I own it. It’s on my shelf next to my Jason Webley EPs. Lots of happiness in that section, I sometimes move an Elliot Smith LP over there just to bring it down a few notches. But seriously, wonderful minimal pop qualities album..but that’s not what this post is about.

So monsiuer Bechtolt moved on from The Blow in 2007 and decided to crank out an EP last year (Summer Song EP) and finally a full length album this year. Sweet mother thank you. See Mystery Lights is pure electronic music hotness. This was released on DFA records and as you would expect it’s very upbeat. Much like the rest of the DFA lineup, this is pure funky electro pop with a hint of disco fun. It’s fresh, it’s retro and the LCD System/Murphy influence is completely obvious from the first few tracks (most notably on Summer Song but that was intentional according to a Pitchfork review). But that’s not the whole picture. Reviews have seemingly breezed right past one of the most obvious influences, ska. I’ve seen mentions of the island sound reggae organ and beats, but I can’t help but see the distinct 60’s ska influence on this record, seriously Desmond Dekker is oozing out of this album. Quite an enjoyable listen if I do say so myself.

My favorite song on the record, “Psychic City,” sounds like the perfect blend of his work with The Blow and the LCD Soundsystem influence. Ah, happy heaven 2009. You’ll like this if you like: LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, …and all other releases on DFA.

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