Your Weekly Shot of Energy

24 Aug

You know in Mario Cart when you are driving along and you get the star? All of a sudden music starts playing for you, you drive way faster, people stay out of your way or get jacked up and things just generally go your way, even if its only 30 seconds.

That’s the idea behind this post: One balls to the wall song that is like downing a monster energy drink or for responsible adults a Sparks. Something that amps you up and gets the heart pounding.

Feel like you are in a real life not funny version of “Office Space?” Have to work until 2 AM? Bored out of your mind and want to go to sleep?

I am giving you your weekly shot of energy on Monday and suggesting you save it to that part in the week where you really need it.

Please restrain from banging your head, heading directly to the nearest bar and getting tequila shots for everyone, or jumping up and down

This is Daft Punk from their 2007 tour. Use with caution.


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