Music That Makes You Look Awesome Walking in Slow Motion To: Simian Mobile Disco

13 Aug

Since all the celebrity’s and glamorous people left me for the South of France this August I am putting myself in the music video for this song and setting it in Cannes or St. Tropez.

It opens on my yacht. It is the biggest yacht you have ever seen. It is pulling into port at Cannes or St. Tropez as the sun is setting. I step off the boat in slow motion as the camera pans around me. The average camera shot is about 2 seconds constantly shifting from profiles to me walking straight towards the camera to helicopter shots to me walking away from the camera. Why? Because it looks bad ass in a music video.

I am wearing white tie and smoking a cigar.

I get in my Bentley convertible that is waiting for me and get whisked off to an open air night club on the beach. At my table are Jamie Foxx, Sascha Baron Cohen, Jay-Z, some famous socialite heir that people would know, Ashton Kutcher,  and Vin Diesel. We sit there drinking Dom Perignon. There is a crazy party going on but it is important that we sit and look cool not interacting with each other besides the ocassional lean in comment. Then we all get up and roll to my yacht in a fleet of Bentleys.  As the yacht sails out of the harbor with a big party going the sun starts to rise.

In this entire video I only move in slow motion.


One Response to “Music That Makes You Look Awesome Walking in Slow Motion To: Simian Mobile Disco”

  1. Lord B August 14, 2009 at 1:38 AM #

    absolutely awesome

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