Lolapalooza Friday Recap

8 Aug

Here are some thoughts on some of todays concerts. Updates to come.

Bloody Beetroots: they both wear venom masks and play really extreme trancecore. A little intense for me but had an intense rave crowd going at 3 in the afternoon.

Crystal Castles: you know the expression “finding a homeless person off the street?” that’s what Crystal Castles did to find their crazy ass lead singer. This woman crawled across stage, drank grain alcohol from a bottle, had her mic off for 3 songs and had a roadie whose only apparent job was to fix her mistakes. I would guess heroin but who knows. Undeniable entertainment in her act though.

Atrak: announce himself as “I’m atrak, I’m canadian and I spin tables to make you dance.” this guy put on a fantastic show and had a great crowd dancing to his mix of house and hip hop. The man got Kanye listening to Daft
Punk so the mix makes sense.

Asher Roth: kindof a tool but better than expected. Definitely would not see the solo show though.

Ben Folds: excellent musician who can actually get a mainstage crowd playing a piano.

Kings of Leon: Seem like genuinely nice guys that put on a really great show. I just wish they would decide to go a little more Rock N Roll with their onstage performances. Maybe it just means they don’t have massive addictions like most of the Rock bands in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s did.


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