It’s time for a new music talk show. I say do it with puppets.

31 Jul

I had a vision yesterday.

I didnt see dead people, I wasn’t led through a metaphorical desert by a naked Native American, nor was I beckoned to the end of a pier by the heavenly Jennifer Connelly. No, it wasn’t normal like that. But, I did see the future, and it was glorious. So what was this vision right? Well, I was sitting in my chair at work staring at my wall (like you do) when all of a sudden it struck me like a bag of soap bars. The most perfect show to ever grace the interwebs/airwaves could be, nay SHOULD be an Indie/electropop/dance music puppet-talk-show. That’s right, let it soak in.

Imagine puppets presenting an indie band showcase. Fun music, bright colors, and beards everywhere. Interesting guests would be interviewed by creatures made of felt and glue; materials to disarm even the trendiest of trendy. Random 80s/90s pop culture clips might show up completely out of context to make zero sense but get 4 million hits on youtube. With short witty off-the-wall humor a la Space Ghost Coast to Coast or Mystery Science Theatre 3000 the audience would remain interested but not overburdened by reflections on the real world. Jeremy Irons would be the announcer. So clearly this doesnt need to be a comedy show, but good wit is always welcome. The show wouldn’t be highly informative, just light and entertaining. Kind of like that song you listen to that you can’t explain why but you finish listening with an undeniable feeling of happiness and hope. You know, the way the Jonas Brothers touch you deep inside Or the feeling you get from playing with a kitten (assuming you’re not allergic to them).

Yes, this is a vague description, I know. But last time I checked random visions didn’t come in detailed business plans. Meow I dont want to forget the lifeblood of the show; the music. So who would be on? This of course makes or breaks the whole premise of my show. Well, groups like Futurecop! and Passion Pit of course. Or Friendly Fires and Peter Bjorn and John. of course of course of course….

Happier yet? See, the future came to me in a flash of brilliant light and pixie dust and by the time it was over I was left trying to comprehend the beauty that was haphazardly etched into my brain matter. So, if you don’t get it at first it’s okay. I mean c’mon meow, indie pop and dance music are just plain awesome. And what’s cooler than a bunch of puppet creatures interacting:? Nothing. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

Really, I think it’s perfect. Follow my logic.

  • Indie/electropop/dance music doesnt get the mainstream attention it deserves, a talk show outside of the major music channels would help give more exposure to good music.
  • Most of the music is very upbeat and fun, lending itself very well to a setting where puppets (who can also be upbeat and fun) do all the presenting
  • It has worked before*
  • I’m not talking about Bunraku or anything crazy like that, i’m talking good ole fashioned americanized Jim Henson style puppets. They’re fun!
  • There have been numerous shows to use puppets as the main focus and a ton of them were fantastic.
  • We all grew up with puppets so its nostalgic and ironic and we can make more t-shirts and stuff.

*Okay i’ll admit that Muppets Tonight did not fare as well, but I think it was ahead of the game!

Now some people might erroneously assume that the glimpse I caught of a better future is of no value to mankind. Bollocks. This show will save the world. No seriously. Hear me out.



Like I mentioned before, the music talk show would be full of upbeat uptempo pure indie/electro pop bliss. It’s going to be scary how happy people are after watching this show. Smiling suburban zombies everywhere. Zombies kick ass. But it doesnt stop there. This show can do so much more:

  1. New T-Shirts? Potentially infinite. Includes slogans like “I’m a muppet.”
  2. World Peace? That shit will be solved after two episodes.
  3. Bono? Yeah since there’s world peace then he’ll have nothing to talk about and he can finally shut up about saving it. Maybe he’ll talk about poverty reduction, but somehow that will be gone because of the show too. You’re overthinking it.
  4. Green living? Puppets don’t breathe. And we’ll put solar panels on them or something. We’re saving the planet bitches.
  5. Boredom? This shit is crazy…yo.


I get night time talk shows, they serve a very important purpose and allow people to veg out in front of  the tv and hear a few lighthearted jokes. So this show wouldnt really have to compete with Late night talk shows, but obviously it’d be styled with a nod to them. I think they’re a little stuffy personally. For example, I’m not happy watching Letterman. I can only get marginally less unhappy (so I guess it’s making me happier?). Does he even like any of the acts that are on his show anymore, because it really just seems like he tolerates them. How much cooler would the Late Show be with puppets? Answer: substantially.

So if this is the future then why hasnt it been done yet? Fear.

C’mon and ride the train into the future! PUPPETS!


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