RJD2 Has More Turntables Than You Do

28 Jul

Gillette decided that three blades was better than two and ultimately that 5 blades could conquer all, Spinal Tap decided the numbers all had to go to 11 instead of 10 on their amps. RJD2 decided one day he would roll with four turntables.

To give some background RJD2 is a DJ Turntableist Extraordinaire. If you look at the picture below you can see that the man uses four turn tables and a drum machine. Ridiculous.

Now a days with turn table emulators on computers and massive mp3 collections the average DJ performance has gone way up, in many ways because it is easier to have a great collection and mix between songs.

From YDP's Personal Collection circa 2005

From YDP's Personal Collection circa 2005

You gotta respect the traditionalist though. RJD2 is old school. He is the guy that spends hours and hours in record stores trying to find the old rare vintage vinyl for his collection. His performances not only crush it but they are truly live. He’ll isolate sounds and tracks on limited edition recordings and B sides to make a completely new song. There is an element of composition and complexity in his songs that elevate them way above a mashup. The other thing that RJD2’s songs bring are soul, something that it is almost impossible for a DJ to do well. He is also a extremely talented hip hop producer so I had to put one song in from Soul Position, his hip hop group.

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