I Have to Return Some Videotapes…

26 Jul

I was originally going to post a long educational piece about how as the price of gas rises, people and communities become healthier and safer–pollution decreases, companies develop more efficient vehicles and people benefit as they bike, walk, and become more closely tied to their communities and such–but then i came across this, a cover of the Talking Heads song This Must be the Place, as viewed through the eyes of an American Psycho.  It is quite the playful visual experience, if you consider Bret Easton Ellis’ novel or the movie it inspired in any way “playful” [NOTE: VIDEO IS SOMEWHAT NSFW]

If you like American Psycho and The Talking Heads (of course you do, you’re a Yuppie), then you’ll love Miles Fisher’s video [FWIW, Fisher is apparently a Harvard grad…].  His ability to capture those Patrick Bateman facial expressions and mannerisms is eerie.  There were more than a few instances where I thought it was Christian Bale’s doppelganger.


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