Ode to Andrew W.K.

23 Jul

Last Night, YDP dreamed that it was doing a power hour with all of its friends. Right before we started Andrew W.K. came and did the power hour with us. It was especially awesome when Andrew W.K. songs came on the playlist and we all rocked out. Afterwords we all went to Santos Party House and partied some more. Andrew W.K. had so much fun with YDP that they decided to open a bar together. The bar was called “Good Friends” and is in Chinatown. It was the best bar ever.

Not only did this dream rock, it reminded Y.D.P. about how totally awesome Andrew W.K.  (A.W.K. for short) is. Among other things he is a classically trained pianist who makes hard rock, is a highly successful motivational speaker, the owner of Santos Party House and a general purveyor of good times and partying.

Not convinced?

Here is his twitter page. His bio reads:

“Andrew W.K.’s true will is to create feelings of pure joy, true fun, total love, endless freedom, and infinite possibility for all people. And to PARTY!”

While you may not love him. A.W.K. represents something great in rock music.

Anyone who has ever been to an A.W.K. concert can attest to a high energy blasting show that channels the infectious energy and rockingness of what rock music used to be. The man just rocks. Hard. He also comes off as an incredibly nice guy in his shows. Always looking to get the audience involved, thanking people, making sure people are rocking hard but aren’t getting trampled. His joy is infectious.

Bad Ass

His music is easy to classify as dumb party rock or frat rock seeing as his first CD had songs titled “Party Hard,” “Party Til You Puke,” and “Fun Night” respectively but he has some serious musical background and philosophy behind his music. Just listen to him speaking on NPR about Bach comparing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach to a “massive electric guitar shredfest.”

Bad Ass

Bad Ass

If “I Get Wet” doesn’t make you want to jump up and down and bang your head, you have no soul.

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