When Yuppiedom and Real F*ing Life Collide…

18 Jul

Not this Pac Man

Not this Pac Man

Up until this time, the tales of Adam “Pac Man” Jones‘ Las Vegas nightclub debacle had been largely anecdotal.  The 2007 episode allegedly placed “Pac Man” arriving in a strip club at about 2am, where he reportedly proceeded to take an obscene amount of money (reportedly approximating $40K in ONE DOLLAR BILLS) and “make it rain,” an act where one throws up these single bills into the air by the handful, in a display that creates a veritable “shower” of currency.  Mr. Jones’ (taking a page out of The Economist’s book) actions set off a riot, as strippers, club staffers, and others on hand tried to get their hands on the copious amounts of cash.  Later that night, a fight broke out, and three people were actually shot.

Originally, the layman’s account of the night was pieced together through interviews, police reports and word-of-mouth from people who knew someone who knew someone who was there–but not until now did we discover just how eerily accurate they were.   The episode became imbued with a weird kind of mythos, as the image portrayed became almost comical.  Before long, Yuppies at any dance party would grab their spare change and jokingly “make it rain.”

Thanks to the fine reporting of the Outside the Lines investigative reporting staff, actual video of Feb. 19, 2007 has been obtained and made available for all of us to see.  Yuppies around the world, feel ashamed of when you jokingly dropped a few dollar bills on the floor at your friends’ party as you “made it rain,” only to become deadly serious as you scraped up those same dollars (hey, that’s cab fare and we’re not made of money).  Pac Man is literally taking tens of thousands of dollars–and throwing it all over the stripper stage.  Here is a master at work, with art imitating life.  Be forewarned, chaos ensues, and the material is extremely NSFW (link via ESPN.com because embedding is problematic this evening):

Follow this link to the video…

Here’s a pic to whet your whistle (I omitted all the blurred T&A from the strip club)



And for bonus points, here is what that travesty references…life imitating art…

-Post concept sparked by Schuyfi


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