Shake it up Baby!

15 Jul

Was the tallest building in the world...20 years ago.

Was the tallest building in the world...20 years ago.

In today’s news, Chicago’s world-famous Sears Tower Willis Tower recently opened “The Ledge,” which is not a new action film starring Jason Statham, but is now the sickest place to view the city.  Since it’s plexiglass outcropping that juts out from the building’s observation deck, visitors to the 103rd floor can now feel as though they’re standing above the city.

But what does this have to do with a Yuppie Dance Party?  Well, if you’re a fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you already know.  If you aren’t, well there’s a famous scene where Ferris, his buddy Cameron and girlfriend Sloane all take turns with their foreheads pressed against the glass of the observation deck, straining to peer straight down.


Oooh yuppies look so fine!

As evidenced by the Lisztomania mash-up vid set to scenes from The Breakfast Club (earlier highlighted by our own Schuyfi), Yuppies love John Hughes movies, and they love dancing.  In honor of the ledge, one of my favorite movies, and Yuppies around the world, here is one of the single greatest dance scenes from a movie ever.

P.S.–If you’re from eastern europe and reading YDP, cheers!

EDIT 7/17 @ 7:08pm: Sears Tower was renamed the Willis Tower on Thursday, July 16th.  Why they gotta drop that change on me less than a day later?  Not cool Chicago, not cool.


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