New York Times writes about new cool bars. YDP is skeptical

14 Jul

In this Sunday’s New York Times YDP spotted an article that caught its eye.

It was a journalistic analysis of New York Nightlife

One lesson learned from this article is whether you talk about not liking clubs and going to dive bars

“When you watch the Flintstones and they are at the Water Buffalo Lodge,” he said, referring to the homey clubhouse where Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and pals partied, “they don’t have bottle service there.”

“We’re in a period where a snotty attitude is not helping people feel better about themselves,” he added.

Or going to night clubs:

“You don’t open a bar in the meatpacking district and make it low key,” said Amanda Hunt, a high school English teacher visiting from Port St. Lucie, Fla., who was miffed one night last week after finding herself where the music was not deafening and where there were no drink specials for women. “Like you don’t go to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach on the strip and go low-key.”

For $8 she could have gotten into the mood by buying herself a prosciutto-wrapped Hot Pocket, but she did not.

You will end up sounding like a huge tool. Sadly every one of these bars feels a little less cool after it got the New York Times treatment.

I can’t help but wondering if YDP writing about music has the same effect…


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