Music That Makes You Look Awesome Walking in Slow Motion To

30 Jun

In this song I am in the 70’s. The scene starts as I am walking out of prison. My three best friends who I did time for are waiting outside. They toss me the keys to a sick lime green mustang they got me and all hug me. I change into a tailored baby blue suit and a shirt with lapels. I have a lot of chest hair in this scene. We all either have long hair or afro’s. I also put on a pair of red tinted sunglasses

I drive into New York through the Lincoln Tunnel as the sun is setting. We stop at Tavern on the Green for dinner, the Maitre D leads me to a private room in the back. I sit at the head of the table. There are tons of babes at the table. They have big hair or bangs.

Then we go to Studio 54. My group is escorted to the back. Everyone keeps coming up to me. I sit down and the bouncers keep them away. I light up a cigar and contemplate my next move.

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FYI: In case you can’t tell this song was also sampled for Miami by Will Smith


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