Blur Live Album On Sale Now…hasn’t been recorded yet.

30 Jun

If you are a die hard Blur fan and you MUST have all of their recordings…ever…then you should probably get your hands on a preorder of their hyde park reunion. C’mon it’s Blur, they’re sweet.

I mean really, at the end of the day you’re probably just going to blow that 50 bucks on a night of binge drinking Schlitz and SoCo & Lime in a lame attempt to gain the liquid courage to flirt with a moderately attractive girl (at best). Maybe you’ll get what you’re looking for but you probably won’t and all you’ll have to show for it is a dent in your wallet and a splitting headache. A Blur cd is a much better investment.

But really, i’m not trying to undermine the fact that this is actually a big deal for many fans. I stand by my subjective fact that in the United States Blur was the most underrated band to emerge from the Britpop scene. Seriously, I just said that.

You could argue (and you have a case) that Blur was the biggest band on the Britpop scene and therefore its impossible to be underrated. But that’s not really the whole picture, you have to remember that Blur barely charted in the U.S. (true about most britpop bands with the notable exceptions being Radiohead and Oasis) and their most recognizable (but not biggest) hit was Song 2, something like their 15th or 16th charted single in the UK. In addition, it was Oasis who ended up enduring in England and serving as the poster boys for the movement with their wildly successful release, ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory.’

What ended up happening was that Oasis took the early buzz from Blur and Radiohead grabbed the critical thunder before anyone realized how good Blur really was. Thus Blur stayed under the radar for the most part on U.S. radio and MTV rotation, staying on par with a band like Supergrass (another wildly popular British act that hasn’t found much of a home in the states)*. The fact that Song 2 is probably their most well known track is a complete and utter travesty. Had they been able to grab a foothold in the states the way that Oasis did perhaps britpop would have been a much stronger movement all around. Who knows. But either way I stand by my statement that Blur was the most underrated band from the britpop movement. With that in mind, this reunion tour is a big deal because it’s the first time the band has played a full lineup performance since 2000. Shiiibby!

Ah, what a great band. Anyway enough of my yammering here are a few tracks to pick up your day and remind you how great the 90s were.

*I’m not saying that Supergrass is as good as Blur. It’s just that in the United States they’re perceived to be on the same level.

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Now go be merry.


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