Nyle-Let the Beat Build

25 Jun

This song is all about, well letting the beat build. This is the “stop making sense” of hip hop and the way the song grows is sweet and then they drop the horns. I love horns on rap songs.

The really cool part was this video was done in one take in what looks like in a high school music room. It seems so natural in this video for a second it seemed normal that this would happen in a class. Now that I have a fantasy that whenever I want, those women would walk behind me singing, how cool would that be? I just hope they can do more than sing “oooohhhh oohhhh oooooooooohhh”

Lord B pointed out that this is a cover of Lil Wayne let the beat build which is even better and highly recommended

lil wayne

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One Response to “Nyle-Let the Beat Build”

  1. Lord B June 26, 2009 at 1:27 AM #

    pretty creative remix of that lil wayne track

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