Music That I Hate

11 Jun

For this segment I will be focusing on Kid Rock’s song American Warrior which has been ruining movie theaters for over a year. Nothing like going to see Drag Me To Hell and when the lights dim and you get excited for previews you have to watch 2 and a half minutes of this crap.

First I would like to do some song analysis: Kid Rock sucks, his songs suck this song particularly sucks. Take a look at the chorus.

And they call me warrior

They call me loyalty

And they call me ready to provide relief and help, I’m

Wherever you need me to be

What does that even mean? Everyone knows this song sucks and no one should be forced to watch Kid Rock in a movie theatre, now thats Unamerican.

To make this more than just a bad song and actually downright offensive Kid Rock and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have become spokespeople for the Army National Guard.

How are they possibly qualified to speak for people serving their country? This is ludicrous, song just became offensive because Kid Rock is acting like he knows what it takes to be called “Loyalty.” If I were in the Army National Guard I would be really pissed that two asshats like Jr. and Kid Rock could speak about what its like to be in the desert in Iraq getting shot at.

Officially the most ridiculous line in the song is “I’m giving all of myself, how bout you?” Shut it Kid Rock, you play shitty rock music.

I’d also be pissed that the Army National Guard thought they would find the two biggest redneck heroes to stand up for my cause.

One last note, is the scene with the soccer ball and the brown kid juxtaposed with the scene with the white kid really necessary?

In conclusion I really hope that this ad didn’t make you join the National Guard and Kid Rock and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are dbags for thinking that they are inspiring enough to get someone to join the army.


2 Responses to “Music That I Hate”

  1. Lord B June 13, 2009 at 1:04 AM #

    It’s interesting to see you make these claims, because, you see, they are speaking to a completely different subsection of america than the one we are from. Those places that are poor, white, and in the south (or central PA). That about says it all. Yuppies don’t join the army no matter who tells them. I mean, I guess Matthew Broderick did in Glory, but remember how that went over with his family?

    • schuyfi June 14, 2009 at 4:48 PM #

      Yuppies do reply to blog posts that they have issue with though

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