Diplo Fail

3 Jun

Oh Diplo,

You could have been just like the rest of us. After graduating from college you could have kept on teaching school in Philly. You could have sold your turntables to get something responsible like new dress shirts, pocket protectors and ties.

Instead you said fuck it and became a DJ. You went out with M.I.A., made a bunch of remixes, toured all over the world, brought some sick Brazilian house music to the U.S. and started a music label.


A yuppie is supposed to make responsible decisions about their future. Do crazy things in college, clean up, get a job, work, get married, have kids, admonish them for being so crazy and irresponsible, wash, rinse, repeat.

You went against the natural yuppie order and you will be punished.

(Grooveshark doesn’t have the good remixes sorry!)

PRGz – Diplo Remix – PRGz – Bama Gettin Money (Diplo Remix)

Santigold – I’m a Lady (Diplo Mix ft Amanda Blank)

Santogold – Starstruck (Diplo Remix)

Britney Spears – Circus (Diplo Remix)

Feist – I Feel It All (Diplo Remix)

Marlena Shaw – California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix)


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