The Black Kids sound exactly like The Cure

5 May

This isn’t rocket science. Black Kids sound great but also sound exactly like The Cure. Why do they get away with it? Because they write good songs and the lead singer has an awesome afro and his name is Reggie Youngblood. They also live in Brooklyn by way of Jacksonville, had they come from Manchester England they would just be a Cure knockoff but location works to their advantage.

Its not the worst thing to be able to write catchy, interesting songs that sound exactly like another band. “I’m Making Eyes At You” is the new song by The Cure, I mean… Black Kids mixed up with some of my favorite songs by The Cure.

I guess I don’t know really what to make of this. I like originality and they somehow seem kindof original in being just like The Cure? I’m confused too. Tksama suggested I write something about “a not so good Cure” but unfortunately I’m not feeling particularly clever. I do know they can’t cure you from swine flu though. Snap

Robert Smith, Just try to grow an Afro like this

Yeah Robert Smith, Just try to grow an Afro like this

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