House Thursdays

17 Apr

Not sure why its House Thursdays. I will say that I have posted twice before posting house music. Considering how amazing house music is I think this is very notable. Part of the problem is that people have a very hard time making a great house song. It is like bottling electricity, not just everyone can do it. Some french guys wearing cool robot suits tend to be very good at it but they haven’t had an album in years. Thats why when I first heard this Miami Horror song I got really excited.

It has all the energy of a great house song with a great vocal track, and incredible four to the floor beat that rocks the computer speakers in my bedroom to an unbelievable degree. I imagine this means its cool at a club as well. If only there was more music coming out like this.

Apparently Australians are making the best house music these days with Cut Copy and Miami Horror. Who Knew?

Miami Horror – Make You Mine


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  1. Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Miami Horror « Yuppie Dance Party - October 13, 2009

    […] } Several months ago YDP posted Miami Horror’s Make You Mine a ridiculous house song with disco roots…you know the stuff that made Daft Punk amazing. […]

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