16 Apr

I saw Adventureland last night and I loved it. Go see it, seriously. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg (from The Squid and the Whale) as a recent college grad who has to earn some money over the summer before going off to grad school and takes a job at a local amusement park. Check out the Trailer. The plot is great, the characters are likable and entertaining, but above all the music is simply amazing…

I didn’t think I’d be able to track down all of the songs but luckily the internet has its shit together. Those sexy manbloggers (i’m assuming) over at reelsoundtrack threw down all 41 songs from the film so you can see them in list form. If I get less lazy I might post a few of them at some future time. Captain obvious report:

  • Whoever picked the music really liked The Replacements and Lou Reed (Bastards of Young opens the movie, and Satellite of Love is a plot device)
  • Yo La Tengo worked on the original music (That is neat)
  • Wang Chung was is awesome.

Sadly the soundtrack only has 14 of the 41 songs. Woe is me.

I hate candy corn.


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