What Does A Yuppie Dance Party Look Like?

8 Apr

This is a great video to show early on to demonstrate to our faithful 2-3 readers what this blog is all about.  First of all, yuppies all over the world love Phoenix for their catchy grooves and understated sound (sorry). On a quick side note, I liked Phoenix way before it was cool…

Second of all I am in tune enough with previous pop cultures to appreciate the great Brat Pack movies which combined touching vulnerability with authentic characters going through timeless coming of age stories (sorry again)… Thirdly I love mashups, they are a fresh thought provoking look at something you are already familiar with (yup, can’t help myself). Fourthly I like numerically presenting points.

This is in no way the only type of Yuppie Dance Party that can go down; I am quite partial to Daft Punk Dance Parties myself. But just as a square is always a polygon but not all polygons are squares, Brat Pack dance scenes mashed up with a hot new Phoenix track=Yuppie Dance Party.

Oh yeah, the song is Liztomania by Phoenix and its freakin sweet

Clip comes courtesy of Arad.


5 Responses to “What Does A Yuppie Dance Party Look Like?”

  1. Lord B April 17, 2009 at 4:40 AM #

    this reader is loving him some YDP

  2. J Millz April 19, 2009 at 1:12 AM #

    80s!!! french musicians!!! yea!!! i’m awaiting your deeply meaningful daft punk/flashdance video mashup.


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